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FAQ#700439: Error in installation or unpacking ASCON software installer

Keywords: archive unpack zip install Created: 2009-02-17 14:31:56
Linked Articles: Changed: 2019-10-23 20:58:37


I got a error when installing KOMPAS-3D (" file not found").
I got a error while unpacking installer archive ("not supported archive" or "archive corrupted").


ASCON software installers are packed with 7-zip file archiver. This is open source software, most of its source code is under the GNU LGPL license.

IMPORTANT: always use the latest version of this archiver to unpack ASCON software installer! You can download it at official web-site

To install ASCON Software, please, do the following:
  1. unpack downloaded ASCON Software installer with the latest version of 7-zip archiver into some directory
  2. go to this directory
  3. run installation process from this very directory (not from unpacked *.zip file!)