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FAQ#700566: Obtaining license error 31 while launching KOMPAS-3D

Keywords: 31 hasp error license obtain Created: 2011-01-26 15:20:12
Linked Articles: Changed: 2021-06-09 19:10:43


While launching KOMPAS-3D obtaining license error-message with code 31 appears:


This error occurs if you try to use application or add-on not having license for it.

First of all check what applications and libraries you are using:

  • for current version - check in menu Applications/Configurator what licenses are used and absent, using filter
  • for previous versions  - check it in Library Manager.

Then open Admin Control Center/Features page and check if you have licenses for these applications and if the licenses have already expired or not:

You may disable absent or expired licenses in Configurator  and then restart KOMPAS-3D:

See also FAQ#700614

If you need these absent licenses, please, email at

If recommendations above does not help to solve the problem, please, email at Attach screenshot of the error and screenshot of Admin Control Center/Features page.