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FAQ#7001158: Not able to access Personal Cabinet or E-learning System

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I'm not able to access ASCON Personal Cabinet or E-Learning System


Access to ASCON Personal Cabinet or E-Learning System is available only to ASCON official web-site users.

Please, use your credentials to log into Personal Cabinet or E-Learning System.

If you are not registered yet, please, do it at page

If you forgot your password, please, go to page to restore it.
Also, please, make sure that:
  • you enter correct credentials (e-mail address and password)
    Please, type your login and password on the keyboard, not using copy-paste. When entering your login and password, please follow the case carefully.
  • your account is up-to-date
    To update your account, please, log into your profile at, then check and correct if necessary all it's data and press Save button (even if you have not changed anything!)
  • your password does not contain any non-Latin characters
    If there are some non-Latin charaters in your password, please, log into your profile at, then set your new password in New password field (use only Latin characters and numbers!), type your current password in Current password field and press Save button.
If you have done all described above but still unable to log in, please, do not hesitate to contact us at e-mail