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FAQ#700927: KOMPAS-3D and HASP4 protecting system: starting

Keywords: Created: 2015-12-16 14:43:46
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I have received KOMPAS-3D distributive disk and HASP4 protection key. How to start working with it?


First of all you should install KOMPAS-3D.

During KOMPAS-3D installation HASP4 Device Driver automatically installed. See this article to check if driver installed. If not, please, install HASP4 Device Driver manually: execute command hinstall -i  for <KOMPAS-3D installation derectory>/hasp/drivers/hinstall.exe file. You may also download HASP4 Device Driver here.

If you use HASP4 local or time key just connect it to the computer. That is all, you are ready to work with KOMPAS-3D.

If you use HASP4 network key (red in color), you are to choose a computer which will function as license server and install HASP4 License Manager on it:
  1. prerequisites: license server must have static IP-address and at least one of NetBIOS, TCP/IP, IPX protocols enabled
  2. launch lmsetup.exe file in <KOMPAS-3D installation directory>/hasp/servers/ and follow its instructions
  3. HASP4 Device Driver automatically installed during this installation. If it is not, please, installed it manually as described above
  4. connect HASP4 network key to the license server
Then you should configure <KOMPAS-3D installation directory>/Bin/nethasp.ini file on all client computers as described in this article.

To use HASP4 network key locally (to run KOMPAS-3D on the license server itself) in addition to descibed above you are to install Microsoft Loopback Adapter (see this article for example) and configure <KOMPAS-3D installation directory>/Bin/nethasp.ini file (see this article) using localhost or as servername.