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FAQ#700912: Versions and updates of the KOMPAS-3D system

Keywords: KOMPAS version update Created: 2015-10-12 14:07:42
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How can I know the version of the KOMPAS-3D system installed on my computer?

How can I check the relevance of KOMPAS-3D system versions and updates?


To know about the version of the KOMPAS-3D system installed on your computer, please, select menu Help - About...

Table 1 contains an information about KOMPAS-3D versions and updates.
To know about the latest version or the latest update and to download it, please, click link in the Table 1.
You can ask your ASCON reseller for KOMPAS-3D or updates or contact ASCON Technical Support Team via ServiceDESK.

Table 1. KOMPAS-3D versions and updates
Version Update Bit Release date
V15 15.1 32 64 2014-09-15
V15   32 64 2014-03-25
V14   32 64 2013-10-29
V13 Plus   32 64 2012-11-19
V13   32   2011-11-23
V12   32   2010-10-05
V11   32   2009-12-01
V10 SP2 32   2009-02-18
V10   32   2008-08-27
V9   32   2007-10-02
V8 Plus   32   2006-06-10