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FAQ#700804: Support-Request Guidelines

Keywords: request ticket guidelines Created: 2013-11-18 22:13:03
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Support-Request Guidelines


On creating support-request, please, be aware of the following:

One problem – one request

Your request ought to question of only one problem.


The subject ought to enclose the problem essential.
Incorrect: «Import-problem». Correct: «KOMPAS error 127 while importing to DXF».

Unambiguous description

Problem description cannot allow any variant reading or assumption. If there are several ways of doing, you ought to state the certain way resulting in the error.

Fullness and content

Receiving your request, Support Team member can not see your computer, he can follow only the given information. A short description is just waist of your and Support Team members time.
Please, describe all actions step by step, do not miss any action, do not generalize information, do not use unambiguous slang. Use just plain words and system terms.
Describe the problem but not your conclusions («This is an error!», «The command fails!» etc.). Attach screenshots and files to prove the given information, if possible.
State software version and its updates, other technical information, useful for problem decision.
Your request ougth to contain a clear-defined question.


Receiving a reply from Support Team, you should fulfil all its recommendation and follow the given advice, check all solution variants. No matter the problem is solved or not, please, let us know of all the actions and its results.