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FAQ#700705: KOMPAS-3D V13 Home activation

Keywords: home activation Created: 2013-01-17 15:42:24
Linked Articles: 700712 700703 700816 700706 700699 700707 700711 700708 Changed: 2014-02-21 15:39:01


KOMPAS-3D V13 Home activation


To activate KOMPAS-3D V13 Home, please, open page in your web-browser, enter your product key (see linked FAQ article 700708) and press Login button:
On the next page fill in registration form (First Name, Last Name and E-mail fields are required) and press Save button.
If you are already registered, just press click here link at the top of registration page, then enter your email and press Save button:

On Product key details page you may choose type of activation - online or offline.

Attention: if you choose online activation, do the following actions before starting:
  • install Java Run-Time Environment (JRE) if not installed or if JRE version is less than 7 update 9 - see linked FAQ article 700707
  • set Java Security Level to Medium - see linked FAQ article 700816
  • enable java  and Java(TM) SE plugin in your web-browser
  • disable UAC on your computer - see If UAC enabled, you are to copy activation dlls manually during activation - see linked FAQ article 700703
  • if you are using proxy-server, make sure that it allows downloading files (dlls, exe, v2c)
If you can not perform any of above, please, use offline activation - see linked FAQ article 700712.

To execute online activation press Online Activation button on Product key details page:

During activation you will get one or more security warnings about Java activity - please, confirm all.

(Optional) If Key Activation dialog appeared, please, select Existing key option and select proper key in the list, then press Activate button:

Activating takes several seconds, in any case less than a minute:

Attention:  if something has gone wrong during activation - some error appeared or activation takes too much time - do not try to perform one more online activation!
In this case try to restore activation as described in FAQ article 700706, p. 2 (see linked articles).
If license restoration failed too, use offline activation - see linked FAQ article 700712.