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FAQ#700704: Sentinel Run-time Environment (RTE) installation

Keywords: rte install driver Created: 2013-01-17 15:28:33
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How should I install/reinstall Sentinel Run-time Environment (RTE)?


NOTE! Before installation, please, do the following;
  • close all HASP-protected applications
  • disconnect all usb-keys HASP (not only one used for ASCON Software)
  • disable UAC, antivius and firewall if enabled (or ask your system administrator to do it)
To install/reinstall Sentinel RTE haspdinst.exe file is required.

You can find it in <KOMPAS-3D V13 Home Installation Path>/HASP/ directory (C:/Program Files/ASCON/KOMPAS-3D V13 Home/HASP/ or C:/Program Files (x86)/ASCON/KOMPAS-3D V13 Home/HASP/ by default).

NOTE! If you face any problem with Sentinel RTE installation, please, download actual Sentinel RTE version here and then unpack it.

To install/reinstall Sentinel RTE automatically HASP_install.cmd file is needed.

If you have dowloaded actual RTE version, you can find this file in the downloaded archive.
In other case, please, download this file here and unpack it into the directory which contains haspdinst.exe file.

To launch HASP_install.cmd in Windows XP just make double click on it.
To launch HASP_install.cmd in Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 click a rigth mouse button and select Run as administrator in context menu.
Sentinel RTE Installer windows will be opened in several seconds:

At the end of installation Operation successfully copmleted message will be shown:

Please, press OK button in this message to finish RTE installation/reinstallation. Then web-browser page with RTE version will be opened to confirm successful installation:

NOTE! Finally, don't forget to add process hasplms.exe and port 1947 as exception in antivirus and firewall and connect usb-keys HASP.