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FAQ#700700: Error 7 or 50 while launching KOMPAS-3D V13 Home

Keywords: home 7 50 license Created: 2013-01-15 18:21:03
Linked Articles: 700706 700698 Changed: 2013-01-23 18:16:50


While launching KOMPAS-3D V13 Home information message with code 7 or 50 appears:


Error 7 or 50 means that activated license disappeared for some reason.

Please, open page http://localhost:1947/features.html in your web-browser (Internet access is not necessary for it) and check that you have license for KOMPAS-3D V13 Home:
If there is no license for KOMPAS-3D Home, please, reinstall Sentinel RTE as described in  FAQ article 700698 (see linked articles), then refresh browser page and check the license.
If there is no license still, try to restore it as described in FAQ article 700706 (see linked articles).