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FAQ#700699: Error 31 while launching KOMPAS-3D V13 Home

Keywords: home 31 license Created: 2013-01-15 18:12:57
Linked Articles: 700706 700705 Changed: 2013-01-23 18:15:15


While launching KOMPAS-3D V13 Home information message with code 31 appears:


If you have not activated KOMPAS-3D V13 Home yet, please, do it as described in FAQ article 700705 (see linked articles).

If you have already activated KOMPAS-3D V13, please, open page http://localhost:1947/features.html in your web-browser (Internet access is not necessary for it) and check your license for KOMPAS-3D V13 Home:

If there is some problem with your license, e.g. it is disabled or corrupted, please, try to restore your license as described in FAQ article 700706 (see linked articles).