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FAQ#700543: Error while applying update license file

Keywords: hasp srm update apply license key Created: 2010-09-07 14:48:47
Linked Articles: 700484 Changed: 2021-06-09 18:01:04


An error occurs while applying v2c-response file with license update to Sentinel HASP key.


Make sure that

  • you have closed all HASP-protected programs before applying update
  • Sentinel RTE is installed and running - open page http://localhost:1947 and check that hasplms.exe process is presented in Windows Task Manager.
    If something wrong, please, reinstall it - see FAQ#700484
  • v2c-file is not corrupted while sending
    Ask to send you v2c-file again in archive;
  • anti-virus, firewall or UAC do not prevent applying update
    Disable them for applying update process.

 It is necessary to keep the order of updates. That means that you should send only actual c2v-request for license updating. It is not possible to send a former created c2v-request!
And all previously created responses should be applied to the key. Check that all previously received v2c-files have been applied to the key before!

Error Update failed: update was already installed means that this v2c-response file have already been applied to the key.

If you have checked all above but still get the error while applying update, please, send email at Please, decribe the problem in details and attach both actual c2v-request from HASP key and screenshot of the error occured.