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FAQ#700483: How can I activate my Sentinel key or update its license data?

Keywords: hasp srm activation license update Created: 2009-10-16 17:14:59
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How can I activate my Sentinel key or update its license data?


Sentinel HASP key licenses can be updated remotely in 2 steps by means of kActivation utility.

 Always use the latest version of the utility!

Creating c2v-request

Launch kActivation and select type of the key you want to update - hardware (HL usb-key) or software (SL key). Software keys selected by default:

Select C2V REQUEST item in the left menu, check the key to be updated and click the Create C2V file button:

Save created c2v-request file anywhere on your computer and then send it to your ASCON Software distributor or to

Applying v2c-response

When you receive v2c-response file from your ASCON software dustributor or from ASCON License Service, save it anyware on your computer.

Then launch kActivation utility and just drag the v2c-file to tility window or select C2V REQUEST item in the left menu, click Apply V2C file button and browse to the file:

When update applied "Your update was applied successfully!" message appears.

If you got some error while applying update, please, email at Attach you c2v- and v2c-files and screenshot of the error.