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FAQ#7001588: Installing the Guardant Control Center (Guardant License Manager)

Keywords: Created: 2024-06-26 11:01:12
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Installing the Guardant Control Center (Guardant License Manager).


 Install the Guardant Control Center (Guardant license manager) only on the license server.
Do not install the Guardant Control Center on workstations, this may affect the speed of searching for the license server.

1. Download the distribution package of the Guardant Control Center license manager for your operating system:


Linux DEB package

RPM package

2. Perform the installation following the instructions of the windows installer or install the appropriate package for your version of Linux OS

3. Open the Web interface of the Guardant Control Center http://localhost:3189 and change the default password to your password. To do this, go to settings (gear icon in the right corner)

Enter the default password admin

Select the Password tab, enter a new password, and click Submit.

4. Port 3189 on the server where gcc is installed must be accessible from workstations that receive licenses over the network from this license manager.