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FAQ#7001155: Personal Cabinet: what is it and what for can I use it?

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Personal Cabinet: what is it and what for can I use it?


Personal Cabinet is available to all ASCON software users. Please, see FAQ#7001056 to register.

Using Personal Cabinet you can:

  • Get technical support for all ASCON software in accordance with your SLA
  • Create support tickets and get answers via web-interface. All answers are e-mail duplicated
  • Reply to ASCON Technical support team questions
  • Get the ticket status online
  • Overview all your tickets
  • Search for you tickets and tickets from your colleagues
  • Download purchased software distributive disks
  • Download express-updates, hotfixes and patches for purchased software
  • Use extended FAQ-Area
  • Vote for FAQ-articles
You can also find the latest news about ASCON software ny means of Personal Cabinet:
  • New versions and express-updates of ASCON software and other important news  such as information about beta-testing, contests and promo actions and so on. This information is published on the main page of your Personal Cabinet
  • Additionally, if you wish, you can subscribe to these news and get them by e-mail in your profile:

    If you change you mind, you can unsubscribe the news on the same page.